Option 1: Email support:

If you would like to ask Jade questions, you can click on "Contact" button at the top of this website and fill out the form so that we can organise: 1) your order; 2) PayPal payment.

You can ask two questions in each order. Each order is US$60. Jade will personally provide every answer. Your information and your questions won't be revealed to the general public without your written consent.

If you have more than two questions, please contact us first.


Option 2: Skype sessions with Jade:

US$200 per hour

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"I have been reading and learning this area since 2006, and then I met Jade a few years later.  Jade has taught me so many useful skills and techniques that I had never heard of before.  The key is to take actions and implement what she taught me.  Now my confidence is backed up by my competence."  (Sarah T., Los Angeles)

"I was frustrated and exhausted in my love life for nearly ten years, so I hired Jade as my mentor, and life has become different - The best part is: after having seven sessions with Jade, I don't need her anymore!  I have totally understood the principles that she taught me and have mastered the key skills that I can use any time." (Tania L., Sydney)

"I am one of Jade's early male clients.  In fact, I met Jade when she was teaching the Radiant Women's Program.  Out of curiosity, I engaged Jade to improve my love life and sex techniques.  That was the best decision I've ever made - Now I have got this area figured out."  (Luke A., Melbourne)