Jade Seashell

When you are talking to your date, you may wonder, "When is he going to kiss me?"

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There is one way to lead the situation in a subtle way: You need to slow down when you are talking.

Here are the steps: Look at his face a bit closely - slow down while talking - pause occasionally - look at his eyes for one second - look at his nose for one second - look at his lips for one second (You don't have to count 1, 2, 3 in your mind, but you get the gist: You eyes slowly "travel" to different areas on his face while talking slowly with occasional pauses.)

If he still hasn't kissed you, you simply continue looking at his nose - looking at his eyes - looking at his eye brows - keep looking and talking slowly with occasional pauses.   Even if he hasn't kissed you, I am pretty sure his heart is pounding.  Another huge possibility is he is very shy.

When you are using this seduction technique, you should make sure you are not grinning at him.  You may have a very subtle smile, but more importantly, you must give him a slightly orgasmic look (or at least a slightly drunk look even if you are not drinking) in a very subtle way.

He won't be able to resist this temptation & he has watched enough late night TV shows to understand what that is!  So, try it and enjoy his reaction.