Jade Seashell

Many mature women have asked me this question: "How can I have a younger man in my life?"  So today I'm going to share a helpful tip with you.

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Next time when you wait in a queue at a coffee shop and there is a hot younger man behind you, this is what you are going to do -

If you have long hair, make sure your hair is down and "flowy" & use perfume in your hair.  If you don't have long hair, the same effect can be achieved by wearing a long scarf with perfume on it.  Also, if the guy behind you can see the sexy line from your lower back to your bottom, that will certainly help.  This works even better when you display your legs on high heels.

When it is your turn to order your coffee, you say this to the waiter/waitress, "I'd like to have a Cappuccino/Latte/etc, and I'll pay for his coffee too." Make sure the guy behind you can hear this and can see your face while you are saying it (so make sure you smile and relax).

I can guarantee that his reaction will be amazing because nobody has done this to him ALL HIS LIFE.  He will definitely be amazed by what you are doing and will ask you why you are doing this.  Then you can relax and say, "I just would like to do something cool for someone." (remember, younger men like words such as "cool" and "awesome"), and look at his eyes sincerely (be brave).  He will surely continue talking to you and you will certainly sit down with him at the same table (If he wants to take his coffee away and leave the coffee shop, he'll exchange contact details with you.) 

Then you will have the opportunity to use your conversation skills to keep him in your life.

As to what kind of perfume to use, this has been explained in my book "A Seductress' Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure"

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