Jade Seashell

Yes, I know you like hot guys (me too!), but at the same time, you also feel nervous when talking to a hot guy.  That's why you tend to look away, so your lack of eye contact turns the hot guy off - he thinks you are not into him, but sadly, the opposite is true!  This article will help you solve this problem by tweaking your eye contact in this situation properly.

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When you are talking to the hot guy, it's hard to maintain eye contact all the time, because realistically, his attractiveness makes your hands tremble and your heart rush!  Now I've got some good news for you - here is the solution:

You simply look at the area between his eye brows!  Whenever you feel nervous while maintaining the intense gaze (eye contact), you just move your gaze to the area between his eye brows and relax your eyes a bit!  This technique makes him feel that you are still maintaining the eye contact, but in fact, you don't feel intimidated by his good looks anymore while doing so.

Now you've got the gist: try to maintain eye contact with him, but when you feel nervous, simply look at the area between his eye brows, which makes you more relaxed and confident, thereby making YOU more attractive.

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