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How to protect yourself on dating websites

If you have some anxiety when it comes to online dating, you are not alone. In fact, many people are worried about meeting catfishers online. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem.

You can use Video Validate (

Video Validate is a tool that is used and trusted by millions of members on a variety of dating websites. Here is how it works: You can click on the Vv icon on a member’s dating profile (if it’s available) so that this member will receive a Video Validate request. Another option is sending a Vv request from directly to that member. Then he/she will create an “introduce yourself” video which will be sent to you - you can see this individual’s location and when this video was created. Of course, only this person’s city and state will be displayed according to the GPS of his/her phone or the IP address of his/her computer, meaning the exact location won’t be shared in order to protect their privacy. In this way, if this individual says they are in New York City but their Vv video shows they are in Portland, you know that’s a catfisher. Of course, if this person doesn’t want to send you a Vv video, you also know that’s a catfisher. Note that all videos are automatically deleted within several hours after they’ve been viewed, so no data is saved by Vv & the best news is Vv is a free service.

You can contact their workplace.

Let’ say a member on a dating site told you that he is the CEO of a company. Now you can find that company’s phone number on the Internet and call him - Just say you’d like to surprise him during lunchtime at work, so you would like to make sure he is actually there. If the CEO who answers the phone doesn’t know what you are talking about, you know the individual on that dating site is a catfisher.

You can have a look at their ID.

Now you are on the first date with someone you’ve met online. Let’s say she is a good-looking woman. You can say this to her, “Oh, I can’t believe you are 37 years old because you look much younger than that. Can I have a look at your driver’s license?” If she can’t even show you her ID, that’s probably a catfisher.