Those who know the importance of investing in themselves understand that becoming the best version of themselves in love and in life requires constant and non-stop improvement.

          Would you like to get out of the pain caused by dating and relationships and become empowered?

          Are you looking for a way to transform yourself and become confident and competent in your love life and in other key areas of your life?

          How can you make your standards match your skills?

          Maybe you have tried buying material things to make yourself feel good or look good, but in reality, these things take you nowhere, because they don't actually solve your problems or give you true inspiration & guidance.

          In fact, it's NOT your fault, as most practical knowledge and skills are not taught at universities or schools - Nobody taught you how to thrive in your love life or how to truly enjoy sensuality.  Most people finish their education and assume they are going to win in these areas of life.

          In Irresistible Women's Academy, I teach many techniques like these:

* How to instantly boost your sex appeal

* Dating top 10 men

* Three pillars of a relationship

And much, much more....

          My name is Jade Seashell.  Since 2006, I have been the brains behind a variety of lifestyle publications and online dating sites.  I'm the author and columnist of sex advice, dating advice and career advice for women. Apart from my content on the world's most popular dating sites such as iDateAdvice and LargeFriends as well as publication on Amazon sites worldwide, I am a regular contributor for many self-help & lifestyle advice platforms including The Lyfe Magazine, HiLookApp, HeartUnbound, and so on.  My work is best characterized by insights into male and female psychology as well as a profound understanding of human nature and human dynamics, as I've been studying and teaching these areas for 14 years.

          Irresistible Women's Academy is an online program that I have developed:

* Unlike gurus who only give you a bunch of videos (and you don't even have access to the teacher), Irresistible Women's Academy is different - apart from videos, audio files and eBooks, you have direct access to me - you'll be able to ask me questions directly, and I will personally answer all your questions within 48 hours.  

* Advice includes: sex appeal, sensuality, dating high-value men and three pillars of a relationship.

* Unlimited questions, effective answers.

          This program is for women who want to invest in themselves and understand the fact that attractiveness, dating, relationships and core confidence play a key role in achieving happiness in life.

          This program isn't for women who are completely satisfied with their dating, relationships & core confidence and see no reason to improve themselves.

          Irresistible Women's Academy is different because it is a tailored program that will meet your needs.  You will access videos, eBooks, audio books (thanks to the amazing voice actor and actress on my team who read my content passionately) as well as me - Yes, I will personally answer all your questions.  

        The easiest part is you don't need to spend a lot of time reading written materials that I send you because every eBook has an audio version that you can listen to while driving or commuting.  The written version of eBooks becomes your notes.  These eBooks are only published inside Irresistible Women's Academy - people can't find these anywhere else in the world.


* Apart from the content in Irresistible Women's Academy, other valuable resources will also be sent to you regularly, so you won't miss out on anything useful and you will be able to build your bankable asset.  - I don't share these anywhere else now.  The bonus resources used to be sent to my most advanced clients, so these bonus resources alone are worth US$800.  If you become a member of Irresistible Women's Academy, you will receive these bonuses for free.

           To summarize the package, you'll get:

1. An online program which includes videos, eBooks and audio books (all contents are created by me after many years' research and experiences).

2. Direct access to me (I will personally answer your questions).

3. Supporting bonus resources to help you hone your skills.

          My business consultant told me to charge a standard mastermind group's fee, i.e. at least US$2,000.  But I want to make it affordable for most people who are eager to transform themselves.  Therefore, I've decided to charge a monthly fee US$5 only (so three modules will cost US$15 in total).  If you would like my support in the long term, you can also keep making the $5 payment each month so that I will keep in touch with you via email in the future as well.  Compared with live events which charge you thousands of dollars for a few days' experience (and you probably still don't have direct access to the teacher), Irresistible Women's Academy is affordable, effective and handy - you can ask me questions no matter where you are.

          How am I able to make the price so low?

          This price is the lowest in the industry because instead of logging in a third-party membership site, you'll directly receive resources, content and materials from me via email.  No third-party membership site is involved, hence the low cost.


          At any stage of the program, if you don't like it anymore, you can cancel it anytime (just send us an email and we will cancel your future payments) - No question is asked.

          The main content in Irresistible Women's Academy is a three-month program, but if you like, you will be able to continue asking me questions or digesting the information after three months.  If you believe you don't need this anymore after three months, simply send us an email, and we will cancel your payment immediately.


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"Jade Seashell's insightful advice on global dating is phenomenal - It's not easy to find an expert who has so much knowledge about dating in different cultures.  Her edgy content combines dating advice with sex advice, which is unique, daring and eye-opening.  We can't wait to learn more from her!"

-- Curt Coch, Founder of iDateAdvice

iDateAdvice headquarters

iDateAdvice headquarters



"Jade Seashell's sexy advice on how to instantly boost chemistry has made our community a smokin' hot place.  Chemistry in our community now definitely has a capital C."

-- Rex, Leader of LargeFriends team

LargeFriends community

LargeFriends community



"Jade's input is mind-blowing and has completely changed the way I look at visual chemistry and sexuality.  Now I am living an orgasmic life that excites and inspires me every day."

-- Valerie Connolly, Licensed Financial Agent with New York Life Insurance Company, White Plains, NY (Phone number: 914-573-2263; contact Valerie via LinkedIn or Facebook).

Valerie in New York

Valerie in New York

"Thanks to Jade's help, now I'm living my dream. I'm grateful for the life-changing sessions with Jade."

-- Frances, model from Los Angeles

Frances, Los Angeles, professional model

Frances, Los Angeles, professional model

An American client sent this to me in December 2016. This made my Christmas a bit sweeter....